Any amount helps us achieve our goals

Our first project is called Building Blocks that is focused on cultivating a connection with IQRA bilingual Academy in Dakar, Senegal. I am going there this summer to teach music and production and would like to build a small studio for students and staff to expand their music/choir department. We have a goal of $10,000 and would appreciate any help you can provide whether that be donating time, money or your art, craft or merchandise as an in kind tax deductible gift to contribute to our online marketplace and gofundme where all proceeds will go to Building Blocks and general operating expenses of SoulPower Productions. If necessary we are willing to cover the cost of your art, craft or merch but if you waive that option your gift will be tax deductible and you will be recognized as a low level sponsor giving you publicity on our sponsor page as well as priority advertising/ viewing on the marketplace.

Over the next few months we will be holding a series of pop up markets and shows to bring awareness to Soul Power and Building Blocks where you work can be sold and advertised.

Thanks for your support!

Cody Dixon



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