S.O.U.L Power Productions
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Spreading love and healing the soul through arts advocacy and education. 



Soul power is a non profit production company and educational resource. Spreading love and healing the soul through arts advocacy, education and production technologies. Our Mission is to provide communities with the opportunity to engage in music creatively, educationally, and sustainably.



Not only do we want to function as a production company providing services for live events and recording sessions at a subsidized price we also want to contribute to the Low country artistic community.

 Improve arts advocacy and education while Uniting separated genres and art cultures in the low country


Reach out to other communities to pool artistic resources and build musical community centers



Create programs that invigorate charleston music scene and provide insight to cultural heritage and environmental preservation


Providing safe community rehearsal, recording spaces, as well as educational resources to build artistic foundations with youth  



Sounds of Universal Love Power

Cody Dixon  |  Founder


Our Story

Soul Power Productions is a non-profit production company and international organization that strives to bring creative, artistic, and technological resources to Charleston communities lacking in arts advocacy and education. Founded in 2017 by Cody Dixon and many local musicians, artists, students, and business owners. Soul Power was formed with the sole purpose of bringing educational and career oriented opportunities to children and students interested in the arts who wouldn’t otherwise be able to pursue an artistic career.

A partner with Awendaw Green’s non profit project swamp sessions led by Danielle Howle Soul Power has a diverse group of inherited workshops, retreats, and programs designed to invigorate Charleston’s eclectic art scene as well as provide a positive safe space for people of all ages to find their passion for the arts.

Soul Power’s debut outreach project of its own is called Building Blocks. With a recent connection with IQRA muslim bilingual academy in Dakar, Senegal Cody will be traveling there and teaching music and production to the arts department of the academy, but we can’t go empty handed. That’s why our first Building Blocks fundraising campaign is to raise $15,000 by june to build a simple studio at the IQRA for their choir and arts interested students.


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